Scenes from a Festival


Once a year for as long as I can remember, Saint Rosalia's Church in Greenfield has held it's annual festival.  It still looks just like it did when I was a kid and walking in for the first time each year always brings back a flood of memories.  Carefully scouting out all the booths for the best prizes and the highest chances of winning, riding on scary old carnival rides and eating funnel cakes till my belly hurt.  I'll never forget the day my best friend and I won $50.00 on one of those rip off tickets where you have to match numbers.  I think I was in 7th or 8th grade and we spent the night singing The Pointer Sisters "I'm So Excited" till we couldn't sing anymore.  And now it's time for my kids to do the same.  

Farmer's Market


The farmer's markets are back!  I wait for this all year and even though it's supposed to mean I eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies and get healthy, I actually end up eating way too much salsa and Amish cookies.  But they're local and organic, right?  So, who cares!  They're good for me!  



I'm lucky enough to have one of these awesome markets only two blocks from my house every Tuesday.  So, some of these goodies will be heading home with me today. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Kennywood's Open

The Thunderbolt


Finally!  Summer is here!  And nothing says summer like Kennywood here in Pittsburgh.  

I took these photos at the end of last summer during a trip solely for photos.  No riding.  Just photos.  Who knew Kennywood could still be fun without riding on anything?  I will definitely be doing that again this year.  

The Thunderbolt has been at Kennywood as it stands today since 1968 and it's STILL the best wooden coaster I've ever been on.  

By the way, don't worry.  Even though I didn't ride, I still ate fries and a funnel cake :)

One of the Thunderbolt's trains rounding out the bottom of a hill as seen from the Potato Patch.