Days Long Gone

Step into the past.  All the way back to elementary school.  The hiss of the radiator in the classrooms.  The quite eeriness of the coatroom when you were the last one to get your boots on before headed out into the snow storm to walk home.  The sound of the old creaking wooden floors.  That one bathroom stall door that went all the way down to touch the floor and always made you just a little bit nervous if you were the only one in the bathroom...or were you?  The hard marble hallway and staircase that cultivated thoughts of tripping and cracking your head open.  The tall blinds that needed a hook in order to pull down once the teacher accidentally lost her grip and they went rolling up to the the top so fast and so loud that the whole class would jump and cringe.  How does it make you feel?  Happy, sad, anxious, relieved, nostalgic, bittersweet?  I think my answer is obvious :)